Serie Caterpillar

ATMOS Chrást s.r.o. is introducing new models of portable compressors PDC90 and PDC190 fulfilling new emission limits enforced in EU. New Caterpillar constant speed CE compliant engines C4.4 and C7.1, driving this compressors are robust design with minimum electronics. Thanks to its design they don’t need AdBlue and particle filters. Engines are characterized in large power reserve, low speed, innovated control unit and low fuel consumption.
PDC line compressors are produced in 2 sizes – PDC90 and PDC190. Both in several pressure variants. PDC90 from 7 bar @ 12 m3/min to 14 bar @ 7,5 m3/min and PDC190 from 8,6 bar @ 25,2 m3/min to 14 bar @ 19,9 m3/min. And of course full range of accessories is available: tool lubricator, aftercooler with water trap, condensate vaporizer, filters, cold start (-40C), spark arrestor etc.

Serie Caterpillar 12–25 m³/min